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1.3 billion people

suffer from

light poverty. 

A further 1 billion are connected to unstable grids and suffer regu-lar power outages. Many rely on candles, wood fires, and kerosene lighting, which are dangerous to health, offer poor light, and emit highly polluting black carbons.

We help build solar LED lighting that are cheaper, brighter  and healthier. 


At Salesforce, we believe that our technology, our people, and our resources should be used to help improve the world. Over the last 20 years, Marc Benioff decided to place philanthropy at the heart of the culture by strongly supporting NGOs through its Foundations and innovative 1-1-1 model. Hence giving 1 % of Salesforce’s product, 1 % of its equity and 1 % of its employees’ time to philanthropic causes and the non-profit sector. Designed by two Salesforce France employees, Amaury Delplancq and Brahim Bouhadja, the Lightforce project engages in an innovative and sustainable initiative. 



After the success of the first edition in Kenya in 2018, the Lightforce project was expanded in 2019 in three more countries: Brazil, Senegal, Philippines. Since the pandemic period, all our actions have been focused on Madagascar.

This resulted in the distribution of over 1000 solar lamps and schooling kits across 4 elementary schools.

Ìn addition to the solar lamps, we committed to renewing the schooling kits distribution, yearly

The overall budget was composed of employee and private donations and Salesforce partners.


By 2020 we hope to expand in 5 new countries: Tanzania, Madagascar, Morocco, Namibia and South Africa. We will keep on securing existing initiatives in countries. We want to convince Salesforce local teams and local partners to come on board in Asia and South America. Obviously, we will work hard to improve sustainability thanks to innovation and support local partnerships (e.g. Senegal).




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