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Beginning a new year means looking forward, and looking back - reviewing the year gone by, and embracing the new adventures to come.

Find all the highlights of 2019

#Lightforce in our video: 2019 - A year in Review!

It is a new year, a time of hope and resolve to do better.

We are pleased to announce that Waeg is joining the Lightforce adventure for this 3rd season. Thank you very much for your generosity and your commitment to this wonderful project! Let's surf the incredible Lightforce wave together!


In May 2019, the LightForce team asked ECV Aix-en-Provence, a well-known Design school, to help them rebuild their brand identity.

This school made all third years form teams of three in order to come with various concepts on where to drive the project. Of all the great ideas, LightForce chose the concept of Margaux Soulacroup, Morgane Massiani and Marine Garçon. 

"We were immediately touched by the LightForce project brief. The importance of light in people’s lives seemed so obvious and the fact it can help with safety issues in poor countries and empower women was the core key of our brainstorming. We wanted to show how light is much more than just light, it has a true revealing power that can change the perception of what we see completely. That is why our whole concept is based on revelation. By playing with the typo, we cut out certain parts to reveal important parts of the visuals. This creates some sort of game for the reader, making him/her feel more engaged. We also wanted to avoid being too sordid and really emphasise a poetic angle.”
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